Table ordering system

The fastest way to order and pay in restaurants and bars!

Restaurant Table Ordering System

With Wsoft’s table ordering system you will turn tables quicker increase average spend save time, save money. Your customers can view the menu, order and pay in seconds.

Our online table ordering system has been developed in Australia. As a result it understands you and your customer needs more than any other system developed overseas. It’s perfect for businesses seeking affordable and effective ordering solutions.

How Does It Work?

With any smartphone, customers can scan QR code on their table to get instant access to the menu. Once customers select their favoured food, they simply submit their order and make the payment. The order will come directly to your POS system then it will print the order accordingly in kitchen and other preparation stations.

Order process example:
  • Customer scans a QR code
  • Customer selects food and drinks
  • Customer submit and pay the order
  • Order comes to POS system and get accepted by restaurant’s staff
  • POS system prints preparation dockets
  • Order gets prepared and served
  • Customer enjoys restaurant’s delicious food and drinks

Advantages of QR Code Ordering System From Wsoft

  • Orders go directly to the POS system and print accordingly in kitchen
  • Each QR code is unique to a table based on your table plan, making them easy for your staff to manage and track
  • Web-based your customers don’t need to download an app, only internet and a smartphone are needed – it’s 2021 after all
  • Orders are part of POS sales data and can be easily analysed and exported
  • In house online solution works seamlessly and it's more reliable than integrated multi-platform solution
  • Developed in Australia for the Australian marketplace

Benefits For Your Customers

  • No more waiting
  • Fast
  • Easy to split
  • No need to download app
  • No disruptions
  • Contactless

We also provide innovative hardware and software Point of Sale Systems in Sydney. Wsoft specialises in cafe, bar, and restaurant pos systems.

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