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Do you want to turn your website visitors into regular customers? With our online food ordering system, you can!

Online Ordering System For Business

At Wsoft, we help restaurants, small cafes, pizzerias, and other food outlets transforming their website into a money-making machine. Our online food ordering system is perfect for businesses seeking affordable and low-cost online ordering solutions.

  • With our online ordering system, you can take orders and accept payments from anywhere.
  • WPOS automatically generates website based on your menu in the POS system. You can choose from available items and add descriptions and pictures.
  • Customers can find your online menu either by scanning a QR code or clicking on link on your website. You can accept three different order types (Pickup, Delivery, Dine-in using QR codes).
  • Payment from customer will go through payment gateway to your bank account. The only cost is the credit card fee from online payments. When customers order on the website, the order will pop up on your POS system, where you can accept or decline it and set approximate delivery or pickup time.
  • All online orders are part of your POS sales data and can be easily analysed and exported.
Choose our online food ordering software, and you never have to worry about extra costs or commissions. Be it a high-end restaurant or small cosy cafe, our online food ordering software will handle all your orders seamlessly and conveniently.

How Does Our Online Food Ordering Software Work?

Our online ordering system operates easily and the process is straightforward. Your customer orders food online, makes the payments, and gets their food delivered or opt for takeaway. Here is a brief on how our online takeaway ordering system works:

  • Customers visit your website to view the online menu on any device - laptop or mobile.
  • Customers will make their order and put down delivery or meal instructions (if any).
  • Once customers select their favoured food items, they simply have to submit their order and make the payment. Your customers can also pick a specific time for delivery or pickup.
  • Once the payment is securely processed, it will go through the payment gateway to your bank account.
  • The order will come directly to your POS system, where you can accept or decline it and set approximate delivery or pickup time.
  • After you accept the order, POS system will print the order accordingly in kitchen and other preparation stations.

Advantages Of Online Ordering System From Wsoft

  • Orders go directly to the POS system and print accordingly in kitchen
  • Our low-cost solution is much more affordable than Uber Eats, Menulog, Deliveroo and other food ordering solutions.
  • Any menu changes on the POS system will be automatically changed on menu on the website
  • Easy way to do contactless pickup/takeaway in Covid times
  • Online orders are part of POS sales data and can be easily analysed and exported
  • In house online solution works seamlessly and it's more reliable than integrated multi-platform solution

Deliveries By Doordash Drive

Don’t have own delivery drivers? No problem. You can still accept deliveries and have them delivered by Doordash drivers by using Doordash Drive.

We also provide innovative hardware and software Point of Sale Systems in Sydney. Wsoft specialises in cafe, bar, and restaurant pos systems.

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