Bar POS systems

Having a busy bar is always a plus point for bar owners. However, things can quickly go downhill if orders are not managed properly. This is why bar owners should consider POS system from Wsoft for their bars or night clubs.

Choose Our Bar POS For Reliability and Fast Service

With just a few taps here and there, bartenders can get complete access to the bar menus, enter guest's orders, and accept all types of payments. With our POS system you can:

  • Enter multiple orders and process fast payments
  • Create multiple or combo menu options
  • Split bills and track tips
  • Design and edit floor plans
  • Accept online orders

How Our POS System Can Benefit Your Bar

Wsoft has been providing POS systems to many bars in Sydney for several years now and the numbers are only increasing!

Build for Australian market
We are a 100% Australian owned software company focusing on providing top-notch Point of Sale Systems, online ordering, POS for tablets, and most importantly the best service that guarantees to exceed all your expectations.
Get Sales Reports Anytime Anywhere
All sales reports display detailed, easy to understand data about performance of your business, which can be analysed from your mobile or personal computer.
We can supply both POS Software and Hardware
Wsoft's team will ensure you understand everything about our POS system so that you can make the most out of it.
Fast help 24/7
We have done our best to build WPOS to be as user friendly as possible but there may be a moment when you will need our help. Get help within minutes on our online chat or by calling to your dedicated support technician. In case the problem is complex or complicated, we can remotely access your system and solve the issue for you.

Affordable, Sleek Cafe POS Solution That’s Easy to Set Up

Bring your own hardware or select our tailor-made POS bundle. We offer premium cafe POS hardware that can be customised to suit your unique business needs.

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Say Yes To Online Ordering and QR Codes

Keep up with your customer's online ordering demands with our point of sale solutions. Regardless of counter orders, table orders, or online orderings, our Bar point of sale solutions offer you the flexibility to process multiple orders and make things easier for your staff. Bar online ordering accepted!

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